Vegan chocolate review
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Vegan Chocolate Review

Chocolate is probably my favourite thing in the whole world, obviously after my kids, husband etc.

Veganuary may be over but if you are embracing a flexitarian lifestyle or even committing to going fully vegan. Here is my review of some of the vegan chocolate out there.


First, I ‘sampled’ (or scoffed more like) the Coco Mylk 70g bar, priced at £3.29. The texture was beautiful and the favour delicious, I am sure I could take a hint of coconut. It was sweet and not bitter; it also contains live cultures. I will definitely be buying this again but it feels like a luxurious treat.

Coco Caravan

I really wanted to love this brand as it has a great back story, you can find out more by watching this video. On this occasion I tried the Full Minty but unfortunately I felt it lacked a creamy texture. It felt a bit gritty in my mouth. Sadly I didn’t really enjoy it and it is pretty expensive at £3.99 for a 77g bar.

Coco Caravan - Full Minty - Vegan Chocolate
Full Minty – 77g bar.


I went for the Dark Side 75% 60g bar; it was nice, not very sweet with a nice texture. The compostable wrapper was a nice touch. Like Coco Caravan, this is another handmade bar and because of its feel good credentials, I felt virtuous eating it. The cost is £2.99 a bar. My view would be nice but probably not my favourite.

Conscious Vegan Chocolate
Conscious – The Dark Side 75% 60g bar.

Moo Free

I went for the Rosie Rabbit, mainly because it was reduced in Morrison’s to 54p for a 32g bar. The shape is fun and my children loved the look of it. The chocolate is sweet and tastes most like a dairy chocolate bar. I will buy these again to share with the children, although they have the most sugar in.

Rosie Rabbit - Moo Free 32g bar
Rosie Rabbit – 32g Moo Free bar.



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