About me

I’m just a mum, barely standing some days, trying to do my best for my little munchkins. I stress too much, worry about the people they will become and whether what I do is enough for them. I worry about being fit and healthy now and in old age, trying to be a good role model and balancing my career with my parenting responsibilities. Sometimes it can be really overwhelming.

Until 3 years ago I had few responsibilities or worries. I could please myself and had enough money to enjoy life’s little luxuries. Then I gave birth to my son, he is amazing but parenthood hit me like a speeding train and overnight my life completely changed in a way I was not prepared for. Then, when I thought I was getting the hang of it, I got pregnant again, just 9 months after giving birth for the first time, I was expecting number 2. I was scared.

What I didn’t realise at the time is how easy my son was to look after. He has been a breeze. When I had my daughter I felt sideswiped for a second time. I vowed to get right all the things I had done wrong with my son. It went out of the window. She had a completely different temperament and has challenged me to my limits since the day she was born. She does things my little boy has never dreamed of. She is fierce, determined and knows her own mind.

So, as it stands today, I am in survival mode, just trying to make it through each day with my sanity intact, staying the right side of my overdraft – thanks to the extortionate child care costs and pining for the illusive ‘self-care’.

My blog gives you a little insight into the things  I think are interesting as a parent and the kind of things I end up talking to my mummy friends about. I hope you enjoy.